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Tim Jones

Tim Jones
Timothy Jones is a painter specialising in contemporary and abstract works. His bold style blends colour and form in an expressive, purposeful way that invites a certain reflection from the viewer. Subtle hues and strong undertones compliment each other in these works that explore emotion and philosophy.

He has been painting and exhibiting for over ten years and has combined his art career with time working on board yachts. Extensive travel and circumnavigating the world continues to influence his work with strong reference to the elements. His art enjoys high profile placements including the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane and commissions for Bristol City Council, UK.

“Painting has always taught me to look deeper, to observe the small details that can often be missed. My aim is to capture a moment using gestural marks and blended movements that invite the audience to take a closer look.

My work is predominantly abstract, however, I also use imagery to raise questions about the human condition and our connection to nature. Engaging the viewer on a subliminal level is important to me, allowing them to contemplate and decide on what they are seeing.”

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