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15th January - 28th February 2022

Paul Olson solo exhibition - Manifest

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23rd October - 18th November 2021

Robin Slow solo Exhibition - Whakakite Raraku

27th November 2021

Shine with Purpose

26th June 2021 - Grand Opening 

Join us at the Purpose Gallery to celebrate our grand opening and our artists.

 26th June, Saturday. From 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Address: 5 Iwa Street, Mapua

Our gallery is launched with the purpose of bringing the best of art to the lovely Māpua community and art lovers!

What's more?

Meet and get to know renowned New Zealand artists Robin Slow and Nina Cook as they share their journey with us. 

Robin Slow is a well known New Zealand Māori painter based in Tākaka and a retired art teacher.  He has a unique perspective and style that is loved all over the world, including Prince William!!

Nina Cook explores issues of societal bias through a personal lens.  Her work is diverse and extensive.  Nina invites the viewer to reflect upon their own frame of mind or state of bias whilst investigating her own.

There will be nibbles, and prizes, so let's together celebrate the freedom of expression through art!

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